On the Armenian Genocide…


Today marks 104 years since the massacre of the Armenians in genocide… 104 years of Armenian promises.

My great grandparents, witnessing the slaughter of their big families, including many of their siblings, fled as young children at that time. It was a tremendous burden for children to carry… bringing their ancestors’ legacy to a foreign world.

Then and there began a long tradition of making promises to our homeland and to our people. Each of us shoulders those promises every day:

  • To become as educated as possible, so that we can read the signs and use the pen when facing the sword.
  • To never bow down to oppression.
  • To always teach and protect the truth.
  • To always guard our Churches and never deny our faith, even when facing death.
  • To remember what has happened and make sure it never happens again… to anyone.
  • To ally with others who are oppressed and march with them to their freedom.
  • To uphold justice at any cost and always stand on the right side of history.
  • To always help a fellow human being in need.
  • To uphold values of love even when facing immense hatred.
  • To never use religion as a weapon or remain silent when others do so.
  • To always be prepared for the doors to come crashing down.
  • To return to Ararat.
  • To forgive those who have harmed us.
  • To always practice humility and gratitude.
  • To teach our children how to keep these promises.

You will always find us standing in the corner of the fallen, the destitute, the hungry, and the burdened.

We are always the cheerleaders for freedom.

We don’t accept, and will never accept, the oppression of ANY people or ANY religion. And we always, always, always stand for our faith in Jesus Christ, even if it makes everyone uncomfortable. We protect others who also profess their own faith, even if it’s different from our own. We have no interest in following the status quo, blending in, or being liked if those come at the expense of our morals and values.

And so… we are a very proud people, and one that cannot be crushed ever again.

1915. We will never forget.

And remember… we design our own luck!